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Le monde de Jade

Jade and the Blessed Mysteries of Life - English version

Version anglaise intégrale du livre Jade – Mystical and philosophical tale (whole text)
François Garagnon

Jade is a small girl who is passionately fond of all things spiritual (in both the mystical and humorous meaning of the word). This book, which relates its essential matters, puts forward its fundamental ideas with lightning simplicity, illustrated by anecdotes and encounters full of humour or emotion. Jade has put the idea into her head that one must save the world in all its glory. So she puts her heart into looking for the link between her little seed of life and the great crowning of infinity. Thanks to her, the meaning of life binds souls like a current of sparks. She is wonderfully poetic, touching in her enthusiasm, moving in her stubborn quest for divine mysteries, irresistible in her inventive freshness, fascinating in her logic. She is inforgettable.
French writer François Garagnon, born in 1957, draws his inspiration from the enchanted shores of Lac d’Annecy in the French Alps, where he has lived for the last fifteen years.
Garagnon likens the writing life to the art of celebrating the delectable consciousness of living. His work reveals an ardenty spiritual quest, a search for moral values and the meaning of life.

Jade, which expresses its joie de vivre by way of a sunny spirituality, has captivated countless readers in several countries and remains Garagnon’s greatest literary achievement.

Volume : 
128 pages (Integra dandruffed Covering)
Format : 
11,4 x 18 cm (Pocket size)
Lectorat / Audience : 
From 12 to 102 years old…
Genre : 
Contes philosophiques, récits, romans, biographies
Réf. : 
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